Vulvitis is inflammation of the external organs of generation in girls.


Itching and rubbing of the genitals attract the mother's attention, if she has not noticed redness and sensitiveness when bathing the child. The inflammation may be very slight, and may possibly be overlooked, starting, as it does, in the folds of the tissues. This is especially true of fat children. The inflammation may be severe enough to involve all the external vulva.


Cleansing the parts three or four times a day with quite warm water. The first washing of a morning should be thorough, with a mild soap and careful rinsing, so that there will not be any irritation from the effect of the soap left on. After thorough washing, a very small amount of vaseline or a bland face-cream may be gently rubbed on; then dust the parts with talcum powder. If the irritated parts are not involving too much tissue, one more dressing of the same character in the evening may be sufficient; but in severe vulvitis the washing should be every three hours, following with a gentle drying and dusting with powder. The first washing for the morning may be as recommended, bathing with a little soap and water. Where it is necessary to bathe the parts every three hours, it may be that the inflammation will be so severe that it would not be prudent to use soap in the water for more than one bathing a day. The rest of the baths should be simply of warm water. Use cotton to apply the water, or very soft gauze. Rough handling should be avoided.