Prescription. - Take of Hsuen-hu-soThe Falling cup Soup 420 tubers of Corydalis ambigua, wu-ling-chih (thoroughly roasted), chien-k'ow-jen nutmeg kernels from Fuhkien, of each 6 candareens; liang-chiang Galangal (alpinia officinarum), shih-ch'ang-p'u, hou-p'o, orange peel, hwo-hsiang, of each 1 mace; chih-ch'ioh, su-keng Perilla ocymoides, of each 6 candareens. Make a decoction with water, and drink.

No. 29. - The divine ancestor HsuThe Falling cup Soup 424 shaking the " Heavenly Pillar." - To cure all sorts of ulcers on the head, face, shoulders and back.

Sit upright, let the two hands seize below the heart, agitate the "heavenly pillar" right and left, with each revolve the air, hem and blow 24 mouthfuls.

The Figure resembles Numbers 1, 18 (standing) and 23.