The Colon Code

1. Move the bowels at least three times a day. (See pages 211, 212, 219.)

2. Answer the "call," even the slightest, at once. Delay of five or ten minutes may be disastrous. (See pages 42-50, 122-124, 208.)

3. Give the bowels an opportunity for evacuation on rising, at bedtime, and after each meal, even if there is no call. (See pages 40-50.)

4. Allow sufficient time for complete and thorough evacuation of the colon. (See pages 125-128.)

5. If the "call" returns after a movement, make a second or even a third visit to the toilet. (See page 214.)

6. Place a stool in front of the closet seat to raise the feet. (See page 128.)

7. Eat laxative food at every meal. A single omission may upset the bowel system for several days. (See pages 220-234.)

8. If necessary to secure three full evacuations daily, take a tablespoonful of bran, or one-third of an ounce of agar-agar, and half an ounce to an ounce of white Russian paraffin oil at each meal, (See pages 231-239.)

9. Eat regularly and avoid concentrated foods.

10. Take a couple of apples or oranges at bedtime if necessary. (See page 306.)

11. Drink two or three quarts of water daily, one or two glasses of cold water at bedtime and the same on rising. (See pages 111, 112, 118.)

12. Take deep breathing and abdominal exercises daily. (See pages 69, 84, 114-116, 272-298.)

13. Wear loose clothing and if the abdomen sags wear a spring supporter constantly when on the feet. (See pages 84, 203, 298,)

14. If necessary, use an enema after breakfast-three pints of water at 80° to 70° F. A smaller enema of cool water (one-half to one pint) may be used after each meal or after dinner and at bedtime to establish the three-a-day rhythm. (See page 312.)

15. A small enema (half pint of tepid or cool water at bedtime often secures a good morning movement. An enema of a few ounces of paraffin oil (four to six) may be used to combat dryness of the stool. (See page 312.)

16. In many cases of colitis, with spastic contraction of the descending or pelvic colon, a complete movement rarely occurs. The feces are slowly pushed through the constricted bowel. In such cases what may be termed supplementary bowel movements are necessary. A few minutes after the movement, or it may be an hour after, a slight "call" may be experienced. This should be responded to at once, and even if the call is repeated. When the bowels do not move satisfactorily, it is well to wait for several minutes, meantime occupying the mind with reading the morning paper, perhaps. This affords time for a new instalment of waste material to be pushed down from the upper part of the colon.

17. A very hot sitz bath for two to five minutes, or a hot fomentation, taken before breakfast, is an excellent means of relaxing the contracted colon in cases of colitis, and so preparing the bowel for a good after-breakfast evacuation.