The Digestive Organs

Duodenal ulcer causing partial or complete obstruction of the duodenum; pyloric spasm; pyloric obstruction; distension and dilatation of the stomach; gastric ulcer; cancer of the stomach; adhesions of the omentum to the stomach and liver; inflammation of the liver; cancer of the liver.

The muscular wall of the intestine as well as other muscles, atrophies, so that the passage of their contents is hindered. The abdominal viscera lose their normal relationship to the spine and to each other, on account of weakening of the abdominal muscles; these displacements are much more marked and serious in women. Other conditions are: Catarrh of the intestines; foul gases and foul-smelling stools; colitis; acute enteritis; appendicitis, acute and chronic; adhesions and "kinks" of the intestine; visceroptosis; enlargement of spleen; distended abdomen; tenderness of the abdomen; summer diarrhoea of children; inflammation of pancreas; chronic dragging abdominal pains; gastritis; cancer of pancreas; inflammatory changes of gall-bladder; cancer of gall-bladder; gallstones; degeneration of liver; cirrhosis of liver; infection of the gums, and decay of the teeth; ulcers in the mouth and pharynx.

Heart And Blood-Vessels

Wasting and weakening of the heart muscle; microbic cyanosis from breaking up of blood cells; fatty degeneration of the heart; endocarditis; myocarditis; subnormal blood pressure; enlargement of the heart; the dilitation of the aorta; high blood pressure; arteriosclerosis; permanent dilatation of arteries.

Dr. W. Bezley says: "There are a few phases of cardiovascular trouble (disease of heart and blood vessels) with which disorder of some part of the alimentary tract is not causatively associated."

The Nervous System

Headaches of various kinds - frontal, occipital, temporal, dull or intense, hemicrania; headache of a character to lead to a mistaken diagnosis of brain tumor. Dr. Lane tells of a case where a surgeon had proposed an operation for the removal of a tumor from the frontal lobe of the brain; the difficulty was wholly removed by the exclusion of the colon. Acute neuralgia pains in the legs; neuritis; twitching of the eyes and of muscles of face, arms, legs, etc Lassitude; irritability; disturbances of nervous system, varying from simple headaches to absolute collapse; mental and physical depression. "A medical man with neurasthenic symptoms and a belief that he was ruined, recovered after he left off taking an egg for breakfast." Insomnia; troubled sleep, unpleasant dreams; unrefreshing sleep, the patient awakening tired; excessive sleepiness, patient falling asleep in the daytime; shivery sensations across lower spinal region; burning sensations in face, hands, etc; epileptiform tic; typhoid state; paralysis; chronic fatigue; horror of noises; morbid introspection; perverted moral feelings; melancholia, mania, loss of memory; difficulty of mental concentration; imbecility; insanity; delirium, coma.

The Eyes

Degenerative changes in the eye; inflammation of the lens; inflammation of the optic nerve; hardening of the lens; sclerotitis, sclerokeratitis; iritis; iridocyclitis; cataract; recurrent hemorrhage in the retina; eyes dull and heavy. W. Long says: "As an ophthalmic surgeon, I can look forward full of hope to a future when those serious eye affections will cease to occur, because the physician has taught mothers how to feed children properly, and the dental surgeon has impressed upon the population at large the importance of proper mastication and the hygiene of the mouth."

The Skin

Formation of wrinkles; thin, inelastic, starchy skin; pigmentation of the skin - yellow, brown, slate-black, blue; muddy complexion; offensive secretion from skin of flexures; thickening of the skin of the back of the upper arm; irritability of the skin; sweating of the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet; eruptions of the skin - -sores and boils; pemphigus; pruritus; herpes; eczema; dermatitis; lupus erythematosus; acne rosacea; cold, clammy extremities; dark circles under the eyes; seborrhoea; psoriasis; pityriasis; alopecia; lichen; planus; jaundice; "An infinitesimal amount of poison may suffice to cause skin eruption."

Muscles And Joints

Degeneration of the muscles; "Muscles waste and become soft and in advanced cases tear easily."

"In young life the muscular debility produces the deformities which are called dorsal excurvation, or round shoulders, lateral curvature, flat-foot, and knock-knee." "Weakness of abdominal muscles causes accumulation of feces in the pelvic colon, which renders evacuation of contents more and more difficult." Prominence of bones; rheumatic pains simulating sciatica and lumbago; various muscular pains; muscular rheumatism; arthritis deformans; synovitis; rickets; arthritis, acute and chronic Tubercle, and rheumatoid arthritis are the direct result of intestinal intoxication. Dr. Lane says: "I do not believe it is possible for either of these diseases to obtain a foothold except in the presence of stasis."

Genito-Urinary And Reproductive Organs

Various displacements, distortions and diseases of the uterus; change in the whole form and contour of woman; fibrosis of breast; wasting of breasts; induration of breasts; sub-acute and chronic mastitis; cancer of breast; metritis and endometritis; infection of bladder especially in women; frequent urination; albumosuria; acute nephritis, movable kidney; floating kidney. Dr. Lane goes so far as to say: "Autointoxication plays so large a part in the development of diseases of the female genitourinary apparatus, that they may be regarded by the gynecologist as a product of intestinal stasis."