The disease is generally known, and needs no description; sometimes this flux is necessary to health, e-specially when it is not attended with weakness nor loss of appetite; in this cafe it is not to be stopt at first: but the patient may drink warm diluting liquors or weak broth; after this he may take about twenty grains of rhubarb two or three times, in as many days. When there is a load of indigested matter in the stomach, it will be proper to begin with a vomit, or two ounces of ipecacuanha in wine; the next day "take "of rhubarb half a dram, of cinnamon twelve grains, mix "and make a powder :" this may be given two days together in any proper liquid, and fifteen drops of liquid laudanum each night. If the looseness is violent, add as much diascor-dium to the rhubarb as will make it into a bolus, as also two drops of the oil of cinnamon.

If the patient is feverish when attacked with this disease, then bleed, afterwards give a vomit, then rhubarb, and last of all astringents; the astringent may be thus compounded : "Take of the shavings of logwood three ounces, of water "two quarts, boil to three pints, and then strain off the li-"quor." The dose is a tea-cup full every two hours, or four ounces four times a day. The first gently loosen the belly, without railing any commotions in the blood.