The milk-fever happens on the third or fourth day from the delivery, and arises from the plentiful flow of milk into the breasts. Sometimes there is a swelling in the breasts, which reaches as far as the arm-pits, where the pain is commonly violent. It generally continues a day or two, and ends by the benefit of nature, in a plentiful sweat. The child should be put often to the breasts; but if she does not intend to give fuck, they should be drawn by a proper person. When the pain is great, the lochia will stop, but flow again as soon as it is over. To prevent the curdling of the milk, warm linseed oil, or oil of sweet almonds, may be used to keep the breasts supple, rubbing some upon them with a warm hand. If the fever should happen to be very acute and hot, threatening an inflammation of the breasts, it will be proper to bleed. Women generally put double cloths dipt in brandy under the arm-pits, to drive back the milk.