This is an inflammation of the throat and sau ces, and is attended with a fever, burning pain, swelling and redness, with difficulty of breathing or swallowing: when there is no outward redness, but a burning pain inwardly, a loss of voice and difficulty of breathing, it often kills in twenty four hours: sometimes there is no outward redness, but a great difficulty of swallowing and breathing, so that whatever is drank returns through the nose.

In the cure bleed freely in the jugular, or first in the arm, and then under the tongue; but the last is not quite so safe: then give the following purge. "Take of manna two "ounces, of Epsom salt a quarter of an ounce, of whey half "a pint; dissolve the ingredients, and strain off the liquor." If this cannot be taken by the mouth, then give the following clyster: "Take of milk half a pint, of oil of sweet almonds "two ounces, of common salt a quarter of an ounce, of "nitre a dram; mix and make a clyster:" likewise lay a strong and large blister to the fore part of the neck, or one under the chin, and two more to the fides of the neck; or, which is very efficacious, moisten a piece of flannel in the fol lowing liniment, and lay it to the part affected, which must be renewed every five hours. "Take an ounce of oil of sweet "almonds, and two drams of spirit of sal ammoniac, stir "them together in a wide-mouthed vial till they perfectly "unite; or take equal parts of oil and spirits of hartshorn, "and unite them as before." When the skin will bear it, this last may be used; for a gargle, "boil two figs in a pint and "a half of milk and water to a pint, and to the strained li-"quor add two drams of the spirit of sal ammoniac." This will thin the spittle, and cause it to evacuate more freely; when the cure is not effected by these means, the bleeding must be repeated the next day, and the evacuation by stool the follow ing. To take off the fever, if it continues, give half a dram of the mixture of contrayerva root and purified nitre, every six hours, or Dr. James's Fever powder; when the symptoms are very urgent, the bleeding may be repeated in six or eight hours time after the first.