Abortion, Or Miscarriage, is the exclusion of an Embryo, Foetus, or child before it come to maturity, or before the due time. However, a child that is born five or six weeks before the usual te:m, may, by due care, and good nursing, be preserved alive. The most common time of miscarriage, is from the beginning of the third month, to the end of the fourth. The Signs of its approach are coldness, and shivering, a pressing pain in the loins, reaching to the bottom of the belly, proceeding to the bones opposite to it behind, as also to the groin, with a stronger beating of the pulse. It is likewise preceded with the coming away of bloody water, bleeding, or flooding, till the miscarriage is completed. Add to these, that the belly becomes flat, the infant ceases to air, and the breasts are softer than usual and flabby, with a desire of going to stool.

When a miscarriage is apprehended, or fear'd, keep the body open the first months with manna or rhubarb, bleed in the arm in the third, and give the bark two or three times a day for a week. When the symptoms of abortion begin to appear, then bleeding is absolutely necessary; after which, give three ounces of linseed oil. When coughing is like to cause abortion, give fix grains of the storax pills at night, going to bed. When there is a flux of blood from the genital parts, then mix equal parts of roch alum and dragon's blood, and make them into a fine powder, giving the patient half a dram of it every hour, till it ceases. It may be given in a draught, or be made into a bolus with conserve of roses. It will stop, if at all, in seven hours.