This is known almost to every body, and proceeds from a humour which corrodes and rends the ligaments and coats which keep the teeth salt in their sockets. The cure may sometimes be effected by taking an ounce of the rob of elder-berries, and sweating with it in bed; at the same time gargling the mouth with a little of it dissolved in beer. Those that are subject to defluxions, should drink the mineral waters, and if the patient is of a weak bilious constitution, they should be mixed with asses milk. When the tooth is rotten, a drop of the oil of cloves or box put into it, may be of service. If it is hollow, fill it with a mixture of bees-wax and mastick, or a small pill made with an equal quantity of opium and cam-phire. If these will not do, it must be drawn. When the pain is raging, give a dose of the following pills at night going to bed: "Take of the aromatic pills, a dram; of storax pills, "half a dram; of extract of saffron, six grains; mix them "and make pills." Twelve grains of this made into four pills is a dose; or put two or three grains of opium on a small bit of flicking plaster, and lay this to the temple where the artery beats near the cavity of the ear: or the juice of the root of yellow water flower de luce rub'd on the aching tooth, will cure it like a charm. Or which is now in high esteem, use the tincture made by Mr. Greenough for the tooth-ach, and sold by Mr. Newberry in St. Paul's church-yard.