This is a very valuable remedy for hoarseness and loss of voice, and wherever there is a burning sensation and constriction of the throat, and when there is a thin glary discharge from the nose. It is a plant that grows generally throughout the middle states, and school boys have enough knowledge of its properties in a green state not to bite it when invited by his fellow playmate. It is a very valuable remedy when properly used.

It is, in its recent state, a powerful local irritant, and should be handled with care. The manner in which it should be taken is as follows:

Take one part of the pulverized turnip dried, and mix it with three parts of pulverized sugar--the sugar being of a granulated or loaf sugar character. Mix well; let it stand for twelve hours and then stir again, and in twelve hours it is ready for use. The dose is a pinch as large as a pea or bean every three or four hours for hoarseness, sore throat and ulceration.