COMMON NAMES. Hercules Wound Wort, Panay, etc.
    MEDICINAL PART. The root.
    Description. -- This shrub sometimes attains the height of five feet, but is usually much smaller. The stem is strong and round, with many joints, with some leaves thereat. The leaves consist of five or six pair of wings, and when chewed have a bitterish taste. The root is thick and long, the juice of which is hot and biting. The flower is a small and yellow one, and the seeds whitish yellow, short and flat.
    History. -- This plant is found in England and other parts of Europe. In England it flowers usually until the end of summer, but in other parts of Europe it flowers from May to December.
    Properties and Uses. -- All-heal is a pungent and bitter tonic and antispasmodic. It has also vermifuge properties, and is slightly diuretic. It is excellent for cramps, fits, falling sickness, convulsions, etc. (inferior, however, to Blue Vervain). In obstructions of the liver it serves a good purpose. It sometimes cures the toothache by inserting cotton saturated with the juice into the decayed places of the teeth.