This complaint is due to anaesthesia of the optic nerve. The patient sees objects indistinctly, even when they are lit up by a bright light; they appear surrounded with a fog or mist, and no effort nore the employment of artificial means increasse the distinctness. The outlines of objects appear not only indistinct, but also broken, and thus disfigured, the faculty of distinguishing colors is frequently lost, and double vision is not infrequent. This condition, as aabove described, is more properly amblyopia, it is only called amaurosis when the vision is entirely lost.

TREATMENT. -- Electro-galvanism is one of the most promising remedies. Powdered bay-berry root, taken as snuff, is occasionally useful. Blisters behind the ear often afford relief. Nux vomica should also be given. The disease is often very obstinate, but I have cured some of the most unpromising cases.