This may be partial or general, temporary or permanent, and occur at any period of life. Senile baldness usually takes place gradually, the hair first becoming thin on the crown, or on the temples and forehead. It is owing generally to the general loss of the nutritive functions of the hair, and of the follicular apparatus. Loss of color of the hair (canities) may depend upon advanced age, disease, or deep mental emotion. It usually occurs gradually, after the age of forty. Cases are recorded in which the loss of color was complete in eight days, while in others the hair was almost completely blanched in a single night.

TREATMENT. -- If the hair follicles are not destroyed, baldness may be cured. The tincture of cantharides, lac sulphur, shampooing, etc., are each to be recommended. Tonics and strict cleanliness also promotes the growth of the hair. In my "Woodland Balm" (page 469) the bald or gray will find a remedy which has no superior for restoring the hair to a healthy growth and natural color.