This may be displaced in three directions, viz.: inwards, downwards and backwards. By comparing the injured with the sound shoulder, you may be able to tell that it is a dislocation. Where the head of the bone ought to be, you will find a depression, and you will most likely find a tumor, near the breast, in the arm pit, or towards the back, according to the manner of dislocation.

TREATMENT. -- Lay the person on his back, and sit down beside him on the injured side, and put a round pad in the arm-pit. Then take off your boot, put your foot against the pad, grasp the patient's arm, or tie a towel to it, put it around your neck, and pull in that way. When while you pull at the arm and push with your foot, tell the patient to turn round, or you may carry the arm across his chest. While this is done, a snap will be heard, and the bone is in its proper place.