This is a neuralgic afffection, and is caused by local inflammation, cold and exposure, and carious teeth.

TREATMENT. -- If caused by inflammation, a warm poultice of slippery-elm, moistened with laudanum, should be applied, and frequently changed. If caused by carious teeth they should be removed; sweet oil and laudanum dropped in the ear often gives relief, and the common practice of blowing hot tobacco smoke into the ear is also useful.

Many of the eye and ear diseases are surgical in their character, such as strabismus, a few cases of cataract, etc., but a great many of them are amenable to medical treatment. Even cataract, which heretofore was considered eminently surgical, may in many cases be entirely cured by medicinal treatment alone. I have cured a case, in which there was total blindness for ten years, in the short space of two months. The patient ever since is in the full enjoyment of sight. My treatment has also been equally successful in cases of deafness. I regard all cases subject to relief or cure in which the tympanum or drum of the ear is not destroyed. If persons suffering from chronic diseases of the eye or ear will write and state their cases fully to me, I will cheerully give my opinion by return mail.