The eruption of this disease is of superficial redness, generally in irregular patches, slightly elevated, and attended with heat, tingling, and sometimes slight pain. It may be local or owing to constitutional disturbance. It may be caused by friction of contiguous surfaces, as in the groin and arm-pits, in fat infants, particularly when not frequently washed. When owing to constitutional causes, it usually appears on the face, breast or limbs. It lasts from a few days to a week or longer.

TREATMENT. -- If the cause can be ascertained, it should be removed by the proper remedies. Anoint the affected part with a little lime-water and sweet-oil, or bathe with a strong decoction of golden-seal. Glycerine may also be applied, but if you can procure the "Herbal Ointment" (see page 469) I advise its application, as it is a specific for this and kindred affections.