MEDICINAL PARTS. The tops and leaves.
    Description. -- Hyssop is a perennial herb, with square stems, woody at the base, and a foot or two in height, with rod-like branches. The leaves are opposite, sessile, linear, and lanceolate, green on each side; flowers, bluish-purple, seldom white; stamens four.
    History. -- It is an inhabitant of Europe and this country, being raised principally in gardens, and flowers in July. The taste of the leaves is hot, spicy, and somewhat bitter, and yield their virtues to water and alcohol. They contain yellow oil and sulphur.
    Properties and Uses. -- Stimulant, aromatic, carminative, and tonic. Generally used in quinsy and other sore-throats, as a gargle with sage. As an expectorant it is beneficial in asthma, coughs, etc. The leaves applied to bruises speedily relieve the pain and remove the discoloration.