COMMON NAMES. Fever-weed, American Foxglove, etc.
    MEDICINAL PART. The herb.
    Description. -- The stem of this plant is bushy, tall, two or three feet in height. The leaves are numerous, opposite, ovate-lanceolate; flowers large, yellow, and trumpet-shaped; calyx five-cleft, corolla yellow, and fruit a two-celled capsule.
    History. -- This most elegant plant grows in dry copses, pine ridges, and barren woods and mountains, from Canada to Georgia, flowering in August and September. Water or alcohol extracts its virtues.
    Properties and Uses. -- It is diaphoretic, antiseptic, and sedative. Used principally in febrile and inflammatory diseases; a warm infusion produces a free and copious perspiration in a short time. Very valuable in ephemeral fever.
    Dose. -- Of the infusion, from one to three fluid ounces.