This affection, which is characterized by an increased hue of the pigment of the skin, consists of freckles and moles. Ephelis lenticularis, or common freckles, appears in small yellowish, brownish, or greenish-yellow, irregular, rounded spots, caused particularly by the influence of the sun's rays upon the parts. It occurs generally in females, owing to their fine skin. Ephelis hepatica is observed in females during pregnancy. Ephelis violacea is caused by the long use of nitrate of silver. Moles are dark colored patches, usually covered with hair. Noevi or mother's marks are called aneurisms by anastomosis, or an inter-connection and enlargement of the arterioles of the skin. Leucopathia, or Albinism, consists of a diminution of the coloring matter of the skin. It is found in all races, but is most striking in the black.

TREATMENT. -- Freckles may be removed by keeping out of the sun, and frequently washing the face in a solution of lactic acid. Fresh buttermilk answers the same purpose. The best remedy, however, is to be found in my "Floral Bloom."  It quickly removes freckles, moth patches, etc., and makes the skin clear and transparent. Moles and mother's marks belong to surgery, and may in many instances be removed. Albinism is incurable.