This consists of mattery pimples developed on a highly inflamed skin, appearing chiefly on the extremities and rarely met with in children in the acute form. It is either acute or chronic. The eruption in the acute form is preceded by a slight fever, and in about thirty-six hours red spots appear on the skin, accompanied by heat and tingling. On the second day, the centres of these spots are raised by the pus contained, to which the name of phlyzacious pustule is given. This step is accompanied by much pain. Maturation occurs from the fourth to the sixth day, and the disease usually terminates in two weeks. The chronic form is more common, and afflicts young children oftener than adults.

TREATMENT. -- For the acute form, low diet, gentle laxatives, and the application of oxide of zinc ointment. The pustulated surface should also be covered with slippery-elm poultices, and kept constantly moist with tincture of lobelia. In the chronic form, in addition to the above, the tonics should be given, and the blood should be enriched by proper medication and nutritious diet.