By these are understood the existence of small excrescences within the rectum and around the anus, which are characterized by a varicose condition of the hemorrhoidal veins. They may be situated either internally or externally, and when blood is discharged they are called bleeding piles, if not, blind piles. The tumors vary in size from a pea to a hen's egg. They are more common in women than men owing to the sedentary habits of the former. They are caused by obstruction of the portal circulation, drastic purgatives, habitual constipation, pregnancy, uterine misplacement, etc.

TREATMENT. -- If costiveness exists, give some mild purgative, as senna and leptandrin, or the "Renovating Pill," and keep bowels gently open, so as to secure one passage a day. Thoroughwort, in decoction, is also very useful. A compound decoction, or an ointment made of witch-hazel, white oak bark, and sweet-apple tree, applied to the tumors, very often cures them. In congestion of the liver, or derangement of the portal circulation, resort to the treatment advised in chronic hepatitis. If there is much inflammation, apply a slippery elm, stramonium, or poke-leaf poultice. Daily injections of cold water are also very useful. The diet should be regulated, and fatigue should be avoided. As a remedy for either internal or external piles, I can recommend nothing better than my "Herbal Ointment."  If thoroughly applied to the tumors about twice a day, it gives instant relief, and cures them in a short time.