During and after pregnancy the breasts are very liable to become inflamed and sore. The patient shivers, has pain in the head, loss of appetite, is constipated, and her urine is high-colored, and pulse quick. The breasts become red, painful, and swollen, and if the inflammation is allowed to continue, an abscess is formed, which, sooner or later, opens and discharges. Cold during nursing, accumulation of milk, injuries, diseases of the womb, scrofula, etc., are the principal causes.

TREATMENT. -- Subdue the inflammation by applying the following: -- Take arnica flowers 3j.; lobelia leaves, 3ss; hops 3ij. Make a strong decoction, and apply cloths wrung from it hot as the patient can bear, and repeat every fifteen or twenty minutes. A small dose of aconite may be given internally to control the fever. A mild purgative should also be taken, and if the patient is debilitated, the general tonics should be exhibited. If the abscess, however, will occur, it should be opened, and then poulticed with slippery-elm. For caked breasts, apply hot packs, and change them frequently, and between each application bathe the breasts with a liniment composed of equal parts of lime-water, sweet-oil, spirits of camphor, and oil of horsemint.