The symptoms of this disease peculiar to children are similar to the Catarrhal Ophthalmia of adults. The eyes are kept constantly closed, the lids are red and swollen, and glued together by thick purulent matter becoming dry. The skin is dry and the bowels irregular. It is generally due to exposure to damp and cold, injuries in washing the child, acrid matter, or to a scrofulous constitution.

TREATMENT. -- In the treatment of this affection the eyes should be thoroughly washed in a cold, weak solution of hydrastin, four or five times a day. Saturate packs with cold water, containing a little tincture of lobelia, and apply to the eyes and change when they grow warm. The bowels should be kept open with gentle laxatives. Some cases may need a solution of vegetable caustic, sulphate of zinc, or nitrate of silver. If caused by a scrofulous condition, use alteratives of which the "Compound extract of Rock-rose and Stillingia" is the best (see page 469).