Description. -- This annual plant has a branching, bushy stem, about eighteen inches in height, woody at the base, frequently changing to purple. The leaves are numerous, small, entire, and acute at the end. The flowers are pink-colored. Calyx tubular, corolla bilabiate, stamens diverging.
    History. -- It is a native of the south of France. It is extensively cultivated for culinary purposes in Europe and America, and flowers in July and August. The leaves are the part employed. They have an aromatic odor and taste analogous to those of thyme.
    Properties and Uses. -- It is a stimulant, carminative, and emmenagogue. A warm infusion is beneficial in colds, menstrual suppression; and wind colic, for which it is a specific. The oil inserted into the carious teeth will often relieve the tooth-ache.
    SATUREJA MONTANA, or Winter Savory, possesses similar qualities.
    Dose. -- From two to four ounces of the infusion, several times a day.