This is also called the crowing disease or false croup. It is common to children, and rarely occurs in adults. It is a spasmodic disease, and distinguishable from croup by the absence of fever. The child is suddenly taken with an impossibility of taking breath, and struggles convulsively for a time, its head thrown back, face pale, legs and arms stiff, and when it begins to breathe it is of a crowing character.

TREATMENT. -- In the paroxysm set the child in an upright position, exposed to a full draught of cool and fresh air, and sprinkle cold water in its face. Loosen all its clothes around the neck, slap it slightly on the back, and apply friction along the spine. If not successful, place it in a warm bath, and then sprinkle cold water in its face. If due to teething, use the proper remedies and give some gentle physic.