This is a complaint which usually attacks children between the ages of two months and three years; it occurs in the warm season, and is chiefly confined to cities. It is very fatal. It commences with a profuse diarrhoea, stools thin and variously colored. The stomach becomes irritable, and rejects everything. Loss of flesh, languor, and prostration follow, and stools become colorless and odorless, skin is dry and harsh, head and belly hot, thirst is great, and fever at night-fall. Delirium is present in many cases, indicated by violent tossing of the head, etc.

TREATMENT. -- The child should be removed to a vicinity abounding in pure air, if possible; otherwise, in a large and airy room, and may even be taken into the open air occasionally. Its food should consist of the farinaceous articles of diet, if weaned; otherwise, of its mother's milk; mucilaginous drinks can also be given. If the vomiting be obstinate, give camphor, or a little opium, or combined, as in paregoric. The astringents, as turmeric and cranesbill, must be given to check the diarrhoea. Rhubarb is a good remedy, also leptandrin, prepared chalk, etc. Lime-water is grateful, and should be given. Charcoal is the proper remedy when the stools are very offensive.