MEDICINAL PART. The concrete juice.
    Description. -- The Sweet Gum tree grows to the height of from fifty to sixty feet. Its bark is gray and deeply furrowed, and there are corky ridges on the branches; the leaves are palmate, rounded, smooth, and shining, fragrant when bruised, and turn a deep red in the fall. Fruit a kind of strobile.
    History. -- This tree is very abundant in the Southern and Middle States, and can be found in the moist woods of nearly all parts of the Union. From incisions made in the tree a gum exudes which is resinous and adhesive, and somewhat like white turpentine in appearance.
    Properties and Uses. -- As a remedy for catarrhs, coughs, and pulmonary affections generally, it is without an equal, although physicians generally do not use it in their practice. It is also very valuable for fever-sores, fistula, scrofula, etc., when made into an ointment.
    Dose. -- The dose internally is from ten to twenty grains, according to circumstances.