This is a disease caused by the trichina spiralis which infests various animals, especially swine. If the meat of the hog affected is eaten raw or insufficiently cooked, it is most like to cause this dangerous disease. Thorough cooking destroys the parasites. The symptoms are extensive gastric disturbance, with nausea and a tendency to vomit; associated with rheumatic pains, stiffness of the muscles, irregular pulse, intermittent fever, which is violently aggravated in paroxysms, thirst, restlessness, nervous excitement, and utter wakefulness. The face generally swells, great prostration ensues, and the patient generally dies in a paralyzed condition.

TREATMENT. -- In the early stage an actiave lobelia emetic should be given, and followed by a full dose of castor oil or spirits of turpentine. An alcoholic vapor bath should be taken, and sufficient veratrum to control the fever. If sleeplessness prevails, opium should be given. The above treatment may be repeated if not at first successful.