This consists of either acute or chronic inflammation of the vagina. It may be confined entirely to the mucous membrane, or it may extend to the cellular tissue beneath. It is attended with pain, swelling, and redness of the vaginal canal; the mucous membrane is of a vivid red color, and the folds are more developed and prominent than is natural. At the first stage there is an arrest of the secretions, but after a few days serous exudation occurs, which becomes purulent, and of a yellowish or greenish color. The disease may arise from cold, which is the most frequent cause; from injuries to the vagina by violence, imprudence in the marital association, exertion after delivery, high living, etc.

TREATMENT. -- A gentle purgative should be taken, and the vagina frequently injected with warm water, the patient kept quiet, and the inflammation controlled by veratrum. Astringent injections are also useful. The chronic form should be treated as vaginal leucorrhoea.