This is a varicose condition of the veins of the spermatic cord. The causes are such as to produce obstruction to the return of blood: constipation, corpulence, tight belts around the abdomen, and warm climate. It is usually coexistent with genital weakness. The left side is more frequently affected than the right, because the left spermatic vein is more likely to be compressed by the faeces in the sigmoid or S-shaped flexure of the rectum, and because it is longer and not so direct in its course. The swelling is pear-shaped and feels like a bunch of earth-worms.

TREATMENT. -- The cause, if ascertained, should be removed, and the scrotum constantly bathed in cold water, and supported with a suspensory bandage.

The veins are sometimes obliterated by a surgical operation. It can usually be overcome by proper medical treatment, however, and the operation should only be the last resort.

I use for my patients a self-adjusting suspensory bandage, which can be so arranged that any extent of compression can be made, and which in construction is simple and very durable. It is the only perfect suspensory bandage or scrotal supporter made, and the only one from which any great benefit can be expected. It is eminently serviceable in this disease as well as in orchitis, and no one suffering from these diseases should do without them. Sent by mail, postage prepaid, on receipt of $3.