ARTICLES. -- Laudanum, paregoric, black drop, soothing syrups, cordials, syrup of poppies, morphine, Dover's powder, etc.

SYMPTOMS. -- Giddiness, stupor, gradually increasing to a deep sleep, pupil of the eyes very small, lips blue, skin cold, heavy, slow breathing.

TREATMENT. -- Make the patient vomit as quickly as possible. If a full-grown person give fifteen grains of sulphate of zinc in a little water, to a young person half the quantity, to an infant a teaspoonful of syrup of ipecac. If these drugs cannot be had, use mustard and warm water, salt and water, and tickle the throat with a feather. After vomiting, give plenty of strong coffee, and place a mustard poultice round the calf of each leg, and if the patient is cold and sinking, give stimulants, and rouse him to walking or running by your assistance. Beat the soles of his feet, dash cold water on the face, and do anything to prevent him from sleeping until the effects are passed off, for if he goes to sleep, it is the sleep of death.