Eruptions of the face of innumerable kinds.3

Glands of the lower jaw swollen, sometimes passing over into chronic suppuration.

Glandular swellings down the sides of the neck.

Gums bleeding at a slight touch.

Gums, the external or the internal, painful, as if from wounds.

Gums, with erosive itching.

Gums, whitish, swollen, painful on touching.

Gums, recession, leaving the front teeth and their roots bare.

Gnashing of the teeth during sleep.

Looseness of the teeth, and many kinds of deterioration of the teeth, even without toothache.

Toothache of innumerable varieties, with varying causes of excitation.

She cannot remain in bed at night, owing to toothache.

On the tongue, painful blisters and sore places.

1 At times with a burning, biting pain.

2 Often very painful, coming and passing away.

3 Milk-crust, pimples, blotches, herpes and carcinomatous ulcers of the nose, lips and face (also called cancer), with burning and stinging pain.

Tongue white, coated white or furred white.

Tongue pale, bluish-white.

Tongue full of deep furrows; here and there, as if torn above.

Tongue dry.

Sensation of dryness on the tongue, even while it is properly moist.

Stuttering, stammering; also at times sudden attacks of inability to speak.

On the inside of the cheeks painful blisters or sores.

Flow of blood from the mouth; often severe.

Sensation of dryness of the whole internal mouth, or merely in spots, or deep down in the throat.1

Fetid smell from the mouth.

Burning in the throat.

Constant flow of saliva, especially while speaking, particularly in the morning.

Continual spitting of saliva.

Frequent mucus deep down in the throat (the fauces), which he has to hawk up and expectorate frequently during the day, especially in the morning.

Frequently inflammation of the throat, and swelling of the parts used in swallowing.

Insipid, slimy taste in the mouth.

Intolerably sweet taste in the mouth, almost constantly.

Bitter taste in the mouth, mostly in the morning.2

1 Chiefly on waking up at night or in the morning, with or without thirst; with a great deal of dryness in the throat, often a pricking pain in swallowing.

2Not rarely, this is constant.

Sourish and sour taste in the mouth, especially after eating, though the food tasted all right.1

Putrid and fetid taste in the mouth.

Bad smell in the mouth, sometimes mouldy, sometimes putrid like old cheese, or like fetid foot-sweat, or like rotten sour kraut.

Eructations, with the taste of the food, several hours after eating.

Eructations, empty, loud, of mere air, uncontrollable, often for hours, not infrequently at night.

Incomplete eructation, which causes merely convulsive shocks in the fauces without coming out of the mouth.

Eructation, sour, either fasting or after food, especially after milk.

Eructation, which excites to vomiting.

Eructation, rancid (especially after eating fat things).

Eructation, putrid or mouldy, early in the morning.

Frequent eructations before meals, with a sort of rabid hunger.

Heart-burn, more or less frequent; there is a burning along the chest, especially after breakfast, or while moving the body.

Water-brash, a gushing discharge of a sort of salivary fluid from the stomach, preceded by writhing pains in the stomach (the pancreas), with a sensation of weakness (shakiness), nausea causing as it were a swoon, and gathering of the saliva in the mouth, even at night.2

1 Rarely an offensively sweet taste in the mouth, even without eating or drinking. 2 This also at times turns into vomiting of water, mucus, or a gush of acrid acid - more frequently after eating flour dumplings, vegetables causing flatulence, baked prunes, etc. 1 Often coming very suddenly.

The ruling complaints in any part of the body are excited after eating fresh fruit, especially if this is acidulous, also after Acetic acid (in salads, etc.).

Nausea early in the morning.1

Nausea even to vomiting, in the morning immediately after rising from bed, decreasing from motion.

Nausea always after eating fatty things or milk.

Vomiting blood.

Hiccough after eating or drinking.

Swallowing impeded by spasms, even causing a man to die of hunger.

Spasmodic, involuntary swallowing.

Frequent sensation of fasting and of emptiness in the stomach (or abdomen), not unfrequently with much saliva in the mouth.

Ravenous hunger (canine hunger), especially early in the morning; he has to eat at once else he grows faint, exhausted and shaky (or if he is in the open air he has to lie straight down).

Ravenous hunger with rumbling and grumbling in the abdomen.

Appetite without hunger; she has a desire to swallow down in haste various things without there being any craving therefor in the stomach.

A sort of hunger; but when she then eats ever so little, she feels at once satiated and full.

When she wants to eat, she feels full in the chest and her throat feels as if full of mucus.

Want of appetite; only a sort of gnawing, turning and writhing in the stomach urges her to eat.

Repugnance to cooked, warm food, especially to boiled meat, and hardly any longing for anything but rye-bread (with butter), or for potatoes.1

In the morning, at once, thirst; constant thirst.

In the pit of the stomach there is a sensation of swelling, painful to the touch.