Woe to the young homoeopathic physician who has to found his fame upon the cure of those diseases, of rich and prominent persons, which by a mass of allopathic evil arts have degenerated into such monstrosities! With all his care he will end in failure!

A similar great hindrance to a cure of far-advanced chronic diseases is often found in the debility and weakness into which youths fall who are spoiled by rich parents, being carried away by their superabundance and wantonness, and seduced by wicked companions through destructive passions and excesses, through revelings, abuse of the sexual instinct, gambling, etc. Without the least regard for life and for conscience, bodies orginally robust are debilitated by such vices into mere semblances of humanity, and are besides ruined by perverse treatment of their venereal diseases, so that the Psora, which frequently lurks within, grows up into the most pitiable chronic diseases, which, even if the morality of the patient should have improved, on account of the depressing remorse, and the little remnant of their wasted vital powers, accept antipsoric relief only with the greatest difficulty. Such cases should be undertaken by homoeopathic physicians as curable only with the greatest caution and reserve.

But where the above-mentioned often almost insurmountable obstacles to the cure of these innumerable chronic diseases are not present, for he will know how to use these remedies for this noble end successfully. I have only to add a few cautions.

* there is nevertheless only one, i. e., usually by merely one or a few doses of the appropriate antipsoric medicine, and that by such a cure the whole Psora of all the preceding infections, together with its outbreaks into chronic ailments, is cured.*

*One additional obstacle to the homoeopathic cure of chronic diseases, and one which is not very rare, but is still usually disregarded, is: The suppressed sexual instinct with marriageable persons of either sex, either from non-marriage owing to various causes not found at times, especially with the lower classes of patients, a peculiar obstruction to the cure, which lies in the source of the malady itself, where the Psora, after repeated infections and a repeated external repression of the resulting eruption, had developed gradually from its internal state into one or more severe chronic ailments. A cure will, indeed, also be certainly effected here, if the above-mentioned obstacles do not prevent, by a judicious use of the anti-psoric remedies, but only with much patience and considerable time, and only with patients who observe the directions and who are not too aged or too much debilitated.

But in these difficult cases also the wise arrangement of nature is manifested in aid of our efforts if we only make a good use of the favorable moment offering. For experience informs us that in a case of itch arising from a new infection, even when, after several preceding infections and repressions of the eruption, the Psora has made considerable progress in the production of chronic diseases of many kinds, the itch which has last arisen, if it has only still kept its full primitive eruption unhindered on the skin, may be cured almost as easily as if it were the first and the removable by a physician, or where in married persons sexual intercourse of an infirm wife with a vigorous husband, or of the infirm husband with a vigorous wife has been absolutely and forever interdicted by an injudicious physician, as is not infrequently the case. In such cases a more intelligent physician, recognizing the circumstances and the natural impulse implanted by the Creator, will give his permission and thus most infrequently render curable a multitude of hysterical and hypochondriac states, yea, often even melancholy and insanity.

Nevertheless it is not advisable to intentionally cause a new artificial infection with itch, even if the patient felt no repugnance to it (as is, nevertheless, frequently the case) merely on account of the easier cure in that case of the old Psora which had been several times renewed; because in severe chronic diseases of a non-venereal and therefore psoric origin,-as e.g., suppuration of the lungs, a complete paralyza-tion of one or another part of the body, etc., - the itch miasma rarely retains its hold, and, as far as experience shows, it clings less when caused by an artificial inoculation than when it originates from an accidental, unintentional infection.

I have little further to say to the physician already skilled in the homoeopathic art as to how he is to operate in the cure of chronic diseases, except to direct im to the antipsoric remedies appended to this work;

* The same is the case, according to the merciful arrangement of nature, with syphilis, where, after a local destruction of the chancre or the bubo and after a consequent breaking out of the venereal disease, a new infection takes place. The new infection, while the chancre remains undisturbed, may be cured, together with the venereal disease sprung from the former infection, just as easily by a single dose of the best mercurial preparation, as if the first chancre were still present, - provided that no complication with either of the other two chronic miasmata, especially the psoric, has taken place; for in such a case, as has been mentioned above, the Psora must first be removed.

First of all, the great truth is established that all chronic ailments, all great, and the greatest, long continuing diseases (excepting the few venereal ones) spring from Psora alone and only find their thorough cure in the cure of the Psora; they are, consequently, to be healed mostly only by antipsoric remedies, i. e., by those remedies which in their provings as to their pure action on the healthy human body manifest most of the symptoms which are most frequently perceived in latent as well as in developed Psora.

The homoeopathic physician, therefore, in curing a chronic (non-venereal) disease, and in all and in every symptom, ailment and disorder arising in this disease, no matter what seductive name these may have in common life or in pathology, will usually and especially look to the use of an antipsoric medicine selected according to strictly homoeopathic rules, in order to surely attain his end.