Hahnemann and the early homoeopathists laid great stress on a strict diet; but this is a field that has been greatly neglected in modern times, largely because it was found that the power and efficacy of the well-chosen remedy were able to manifest themselves, notwithstanding great license in diet and hygiene. Nevertheless, a return to Hahnemann's careful restrictions may be advisable in many cases. His teachings, in this regard, are as follows:

"The minuteness of the dose required in homoeopathic practice, makes it necessary that every other kind of medicinal influence that might cause a disturbance should be avoided in the diet and regimen of patients, in order that the highly rarified dose may not be counteracted, overpowered, or disturbed by extraneous, medicinal influences. In chronic cases, therefore, it is especially necessary to remove all obstacles of this nature with the greatest care, since they exercise a deleterious effect".