1. Before beginning the treatment of a chronic disease, it is necessary to inquire carefully if the patient has been infected by venereal disease, and, if so, to institute treatment against such infection; but more frequently it will be found that psora complicates the case.

2. Ascertain, also, the nature of medical treatment that the patient had received, either from drugs or mineral baths, etc., in order to understand the deviations which this treatment had produced in the original disease.

3. Patient's age, mode of living, diet, occupation, domestic circumstances, and even his social position, should be considered, in order to see how the cure may be favored or impeded thereby.

4. Patient's mental condition and temperament should not be overlooked, as it may be necessary to direct or modify his mental state by psychical means.

5. Several interviews may be necessary before the physician will find himself enabled to determine the state of the patient's case as perfectly as possible, and to mark the most conspicuous, characteristic or peculiar symptoms, which alone will guide him to the first anti-psoric, anti-syphilitic or anti-sycotic remedy for the beginning of the cure. §§ 206-209, Organon. *