Ferrum Phos

In Bright's disease, when feverishness is present. Inflammatory stage of nephritis; all inflammatory pain is relieved by this remedy. "Urine has a profuse mucous sediment; blood is red and charged with blood corpuscles." (Arndt).

Natrum Mur

Tension and heat in renal region. Brick-dust sediment; hematuria. Dr. Menninger claims that this drug will produce a decrease in the amount of albumen, and an increase in the amount of urea, and a very marked increase in the quantity of chlorides eliminated. In Bright's disease he recommends it as an adjunct to all recognized modes of treatment.

Kali Mur

Inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, for the swelling. Croupous nephritis. Cardiac asthma with sensation as if the heart and lungs were constricted. Nephritis parenchymatosa with much albumen in mine. Dirty, yellow sediment.

Kali Phos

For the great functional disturbance of nerve-centres, in alternation with Calcarea phos. for the albumen. OEdema pulmonum, intermittent action of heart.

Caicarea Phos

Albuminous urine calls for the use of this remedy in alternation with Kali phos. Bright's disease.

Caicarea Sulph

Zwingenberg cured a case of nephritis scarlatinosa with this remedy.

Kali Sulph

Diseases of the kidneys after scarlet fever, albuminous urine.

Natrum Phos

Gravel in the kidneys.

Natrum Sulph

Aids in the throwing off of gravel by increasing the secretion of urine.

Clinical Cases

I have had two cases of Bright's disease following scarlatina. Tube casts were present. Albumen, general anasarca. Heart weakness. Retinitis albuminurica. There seemed to be extensive destruction of tissue, and as the cases also presented a profuse desquamation. 1 gave them Caicarea sulph, 6x, which speedily brought about a cure. (C E Fisber, M. D).

G. S., an old man of 77, consulted me for what he called a "laziness of bis kidneys." Urine was, in fact, very scanty and loaded with albumen. The case seemed, at first sight, to be a hopeless one; he was also forgetful and quite nervous. I gave him Calcarea phos. 6x tr., a dose every two hours in alternation with kali phos. After sir weeks' treatment, urine was normal, bis memory was somewhat restored, and since six months he has not complained. As to diet, I only recommended to him to eat asparagus just as much as he could at bis meals, and continue the use of the a forementioned medicines. (E. A. de Cailhol, M. D).