Spasmodic drawing in back compelling; to lie still, Constant aching in centre of spine.

Ferrum Phos

Pains in the back and loins and over kidney. Rheumatic pains felt only on moving.

Kali Mur

Useful after Ferrum phos., if the latter fails to relieve.

Kali Phos

Pains which are laming. The parts affected feel powerless, gentle movement gradually lessening the pain and stiffness, yet too much exertion increasing the pain (such as walking too far). This kind of pain is always worse after rising from a sitting posture and at the commencement of motion.

Calcarea Phos

Pains with a feeling of numbness, coldness, or with a creeping sensation; worse in the night and during rest. Can also be given alternately with Ferrum phos. After exhausting disease. Backache in the lumbar region in the morning when awaking.

Kali Sulph

Pains which are worse in warm rooms and in the evening, better in the open air (cool). Shifting and changing about.

Magnesia Phos

Pains vivid, shooting, boring, intermittent, shifting and neuralgic; relieved by warmth.

Calcarea Fluor

Backache simulating spinal irritation. Tired feeling and pains in the lower part of the back, with a sensation of fulness and burning pain, and confined bowels. Lumbago aggravated on beginning to move, but improved after continuous motion.

Natrum Mur

Pains in small of back relieved by lying on something hard, with characteristic tongue, bubbles of frothy saliva. Pain after prolonged stooping, as if bruised. Weak back, worse in the morning. Spine very sensitive. Neck stiff and emaciated. Great weakness and weariness.

Natrum Sulph

Pain in the back, as if ulcerating, all night; can lie only on the right side. Soreness up and down spine and neck.

Natrum Phos

Pains across loins on awaking in morning.