Kali Mur

This remedy alone may suffice for this disease, or, in alternation with Ferritin phos., for the exudation.

Kali Phos

Puerperal mania or fever, when illusions, absurd notions, or violent madness set in. Specific remedy.

Natrum Mur

A useful intercurrent remedy in puerperal convulsions.

Clinical Cases

Case of puerperal fever. Chill, followed by fever. Suppression of the lochia, milk and urine. Hilarious delirium, profuse critical diaphoresis without thirst or much coaled tongue, bowels confined and extensive tympanites over abdominal parietes. Feiruni phot.6 hourly a dose. In ten hours ail uraemiorm symptoms had subsided: patient cheerful and comfortable. Lochia and milk secretion returned, and urine had been voided freely. A good recovery followed. (P. A. Rock with, M. D., American Journal Homoeopathii Materia Medica, 1875).