Berberis vulgaris

B. vulga'ris (canaden'sis). -- The fruit, U.S.P. 1830; the bark of the root, 1860-1870. Spreading shrub, 1-2 M. (3-6 degrees) high, thorny branches, bark gray, wood yellow, leaves toothed, spiny; flowers, yellow racemes; fruit, oval, scarlet berry; root-bark yellowish-gray, separable into laminae, bitter, astringent; contains berberine, resin, tannin, fat. Used in febrile diseases, diarrhea; bark in dysentery, dropsy, dyspepsia, to lessen size of spleen; similar to calumba. Dose (bark, gr. 2-10 (.13-.6 Gm.); infusion decoction, fruit juice sometimes made into syrup, preserves, etc.