Brunfel'sia Hopea'na, Manaca, Mercurio Vegetal, N.F. -- The dried root; S. America, Amazon valley. A large shrub. Root nearly cylindrical, tortuous, variable length, 3 Cm. (1 1/5') thick, dark brown, wrinkled, yellowish cork patches easily removed from thin cortex adhering closely to hard yellowish wood; fracture short, very tough; odor slight; taste bitter. Powder, pale yellow--lignified fibers, medullary ray cells, tracheae, few cork cells, cortical parenchyma with brownish amorphous content, starch grains, stone cells, calcium oxalate rosettes; solvent: diluted alcohol; contains resin, alkaloid (manacine). Motor depressant (spinal centers); full doses--difficult breathing, profuse sweating, depression, nausea, vomiting, urination, purgation; over-doses--acrid depressing poison; chronic muscular rheumatism, syphilis (substitute for mercury). Dose, gr. 15-30 (1-2 Gm.); 1. Fluidextractum Manacae (75 p.c. alcohol), dose, mxv-30 (1-2 cc.): Prep.: 1. Elixir Manacae Compositum, 16.5 p.c., + sodium salicylate 14, lithium salicylate, 1.75, salicylic acid, 5.5 potassium bicarbonate 3.97 +, dose, 3j-2 (4-8 cc.).