Cetra'ria islan'dica, Iceland Moss. -- The dried plant, U.S.P. 1820-1890; N. hemisphere. Thallus 5-10 Cm. (2-4') long, foliaceous, fringed, and channeled lobes, brownish above, whitish beneath, apothecia (fruits) brown, flattish, brittle, inodorous; taste mucilaginous, bitter; contains cetraric acid (bitter) 2-3 p.c., which removed leaves digestible food product containing proteins 2.8 p.c., fat .4 p.c., cellulose 4-6 p.c., lichenin (starch) 79.2 p.c., related substance, water 6 p.c., ash 6.99 p.c. Demulcent (starch), tonic (cetraric acid), nutritive; chronic catarrhs, pulmonary affections (bronchitis, consumption), chronic diarrhea, dysentery; bread, instead of acacia. Dose, 3ss-1 (2-4 Gm.); decoction, .5 p.c., 3j-4 (30-120 cc.).

Cetraria islandica: ap, apothecium.