Pix Carbonis, Coal Tar, Pix Lithanthracis, N.F. -- The tar obtained as a by-product in the destructive distillation of coal for illuminating gas. A nearly black, thick liquid or semi-solid, heavier than water, odor characteristic, naphthalene-like, taste sharp burning; soluble in benzene, carbon disulphide, chloroform, partly so in alcohol, acetone, methyl alcohol, purified petroleum benzin, slightly so in water, imparting its characteristic odor and taste; alkaline reaction; burns with reddish, luminous sooty flame, being consumed by strong heat, ash 2 p.c.; 1. Liquor Picis Carbonis, Liquor Carbonis Detergens, 20 p.c. + quillaja 10 (70 p.c. alcohol).