Delphin'ium Aja'cis, Delphinium, Larkspur Seed. N.F. -- The dried ripe seed with not more than 2 p.c. of foreign seeds or other foreign organic matter; S. Europe, cultivated as ornament, naturalized in United States. Plant, annual, hairy, bearing attractive flowers. Seed, irregularly tetrahedral, triangulate, 2 Mm. (1/12') long and broad, blackish-brown, seed-coat crustaceous, endosperm whitish, fleshy, oily, embryo small; odor faint; taste bitter, then biting, acrid. Powder, gray-brown -- endosperm parenchyma filled with fixed oil and aleurone grains, elongated cells from inner layer of seed-coat; contains alkaloids ajacine, sjaconine, (activity), fixed oil, volatile oil, resin, ash 7 p.c. Parasiticide, sedative, poisonous -- similar to aconite and staphisagria; locally to destroy vermin, lice, itchmite; rheumatism, neuralgia; rarely used internally. 1. Tinctura Delphinii, 10 p.c. (alcohol). D. Consol'ida, Field Larkspur, U.S.P. 1820-1870, is a near related species with beautiful blue flowers, similar seed (tetrahedral, 1-2.5 Mm. (1/25-1/10') broad, black, pitted), constituents, properties and uses. D. Urceola'tum (exalta'tum), Penn., Minn., and D. Caro-linia'num (azu'reum), Wis., Ark. supply seeds having similar properties.

Delphinium Consolida.

Stavesacre seed; a, natural size; b, cross-section; C, longitudinal section.

2. D. Staphisag'ria, Staphisagria, Stavesacre, Ripe seed, U.S.P. 1880-1910, Mediterranean Basin, cultivated. Annual herb, 1-1.3 M. (3-4 degrees) high, branched, downy; root large, tapering; leaves 10-12-5 Cm. (4-5') broad, palmately 5-9-parted, long, hairy petioles, flowers purplish, racemes; fruit 3-follicles, each 12-seeded, seed irregularly triangular, tetrahedral, flattened, dark brown, grayish, lighter with age, 4-7 Mm. (1/6-1/4') long, 3-6 Mm. (1/8-1/4') broad, coarsely reticulate; odor slight, disagreeable; taste bitter, acrid. Powder, grayish-black -- parenchyma and endosperm cells enclosing aleurone grains and fixed oil; solvents: alcohol, boiling water; contains alkaloids 1 p.c.: delphinine, delphinoidine, delphisine, staphisagrine, fixed oil, volatile oil, resin, ash 9 p.c. Parasiticide, sedative irritant, poisonous; popular with Greeks, Romans, etc., but too dangerous for internal use -- locally to kill vermin, lice, itchmite; rheumatism, neuralgia, earache, toothache. Poisoning: Symptoms and treatment similar to aconite and veratrum viride. Dose, gr. 1-2 (.06-.13 Gm.). Fluidextract; Extract; Tincture, 10 p.c., mv-15 (.3-1 cc.); Ointment, 20 p.c. Delphinine, gr. 1/60-1/10 (.001-.006 Gm.).