Porteran'thus stipula'tus (Gille'nia stipula'cea), Indian Physic, and P. Trifolia'tus (G. Trifolia'ta), American Ipecac. -- The root, U.S.P. 1820-1870; United States; shrubs .6-1 M. (2-3 degrees) high, stems reddish-brown, leaves trifoliate; leaflets 5-10 Cm. (2-4') long, pubescent; flowers white, pink; root (rhizome) 12-25 Mm. (1/2-1') thick, with thin bark and many fissured rootlets, 3-6 Mm. (1/8-1/4') thick, bitter; contains gillenin, resin, tannin. Emetic (substitute for ipecac), purgative, tonic; infusion, decoction, tincture; very popular with North American Indians. Dose, emetic, gr. 15-30 (1-2 Gm.); tonic, gr. 2-5 (.13-.3 Gm.).