Mitchel'la re'pens, Mitchella, Squaw Vine, Partridge-berry, N.F. -- The dried plant with not more than 5 p.c. of foreign organic matter; N. America. Creeping evergreen of the woods, reaching .3-.6 M. (1-2 degrees) in length. Occurs in loosely matted masses of -- branches, rhizomes, fine roots, stems and leaves; rhizomes brownish, filiform, roots fibrous; stems quadrangular; light green, striated; leaves opposite, dark green, smooth, coriaceous, ovate, entire, up to 2 Cm. (4/5') long, short petiole, lower surface shiny; flowers purplish, fragrant; fruit scarlet-red berry; odor faint; taste slightly bitter. Powder, grayish-green -- numerous calcium oxalate raphides, epidermal cells, stomata, chlorenchyma cells, some with amorphous content, tracheae, parenchyma, starch grains; solvent: diluted alcohol; contains saponin-like substance, resin, wax, gum, sugar. Tonic, astringent, diuretic; resembles chimaphila and viburnum, all at times being prescribed together. Dose, 3ss-1 (2-4 Gm.); 1. Fluidextractum Mitchellae (diluted alcohol): Preps.: 1. Elixir Aletridis Compositum, 6.55 p.c.; 2. Elixir Heloniadis Compositum, 12.5 p.c