Monar'da puncta'ta, Horse-mint. -- The leaves and tops, U.S.P. 1820-1870; United States. Perennial, .6-1 M. (2-3 degrees) high, stem branched, downy, leaves 5-7.5 Cm. (2-3') long, lanceolate, serrate, punctate, flowers yellow, spotted red with pinkish bracts, downy, calyx 5-toothed aromatic, pungent, bitter; contains volatile oil. Carminative, stimlant, emmenagogue, nervine, diaphoretic, diuretic, flatulent colic, nausea, rheumatism, neuralgia, diarrhea; in infusion. Dose, gr. 15-60 (1-4 Gm.). Oleum Meonardae (volatile oil), U.S.P. 1820-1870, is yellowish or reddish, sp. gr. 0.930; contains terpene CH, 50 p.c., thymol (monardin), CHO, 25-61 p.c., also alcohol, CHO, and its acetic butyric, and formic esters.