P. Laurocer'asus, Cherry Laurel, Laurocerasi Folia (Br.). -- Fresh leaves; W. Asia. Ornamental shrub or tree, 3-6 M. (9-20 degrees) high; leaves 15 Cm. (6') long, obovate, oblong, serrate, coriaceous; bitter almond odor; aromatic, bitter taste; contains prulaurasin, CHON (similar to amygdalin), emulsin, tannin, sugar, fat, wax, phyllic acid (crystalline, occurring also in leaves of almond, apple, maple, peach); yields hydrocyanic acid .12 p.c., and oil of bitter almond (benzaldehyde) .5 p.c., in which spring leaves are richest.  Sedative, narcotic; used to make cherry laurel water (Aqua Laurocerasi, Br.) By distilling 400 cc. From leaves 320 Gm. + water 1000 cc.  Dose, 3ss-2 (2-8 cc.).