Cal'litris quadrival'vis, Sandaraca (Sandarac). -- N. W. Africa It is a resin which exudes spontaneously or from incisions made through the bark; occurs in elongated pale yellow tears 5-15 Mm. (1/5-3/5') long, covered with whitish dust, of a glass-like luster, transparent, hard, brittle; odor and taste terebinthinate, balsamic, bitter, soluble in hot alcohol, ether; it resembles peas in size, often mixed with mastic, owing to its cheapness, but distinguished by being pulverulent when chewed (and not adhesive as with mastic); contains 3 resins, differing in solubility, also bitter principle; according to Tschirch -- sanduracolic acid 85 p.c., callitrolic acid 10 p.c., volatile oil (amount depending upon freshness); mild stimulant, mainly used in varnishes.