Ustila'go May'dis, Corn Smut. -- The fungous growth upon Zea Mays, U.S.P. 1880, United States, etc. The fungus is abundant upon stem, grains, and tassel; in irregular, globose masses 10-15 Cm. (4-6') broad, consisting of a blackish, gelatinous membrane enclosing many blackish, globular, nodular spores; odor and taste disagreeable. Should be kept dry and not longer than one year; contains fixed oil 2.5 p.c., scleroic acid, crystalline principle (ustilagine) and alkaloid (secaline), volatile base, sugar, mucilage, ash 5 p.c. Emmenagogue, parturient, increases uterine pains during labor, like ergot. Dose, gr. 15-30 (1-2 Gm.).