Official in all standards except the German as the gum resin of Ferula foetida or other species. Galbanum, Ferula galbaniflua and rubicalis, is similar in effect to asafetida and is official in fourteen standards. Sumbul, or Musk Root, official in Mexico and the United States, is Ferula Sumbul.

A malodorous substance is asafetida, which with musk and valerian, will probably soon be forgotten; they would be little missed, especially since the valeric esters are available.

The U. S. P. pill may be used as a carminative, but it is going out of use rapidly. The most definitely useful form of asafetida is in the form of suppositories. They are used after surgical operations to overcome the atony and partial paralysis sometimes following abdominal surgical intervention.

Dose: 1 to 10 grains; average, 4 grains.